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Challenge #3 – The Refiners


You want to scale Big & Fast in the USA?

Your product or/and service has a proven market fit and you want to scale it up in the American Market? The Refiners accelerator is looking for you.

**What the Refiners says**

“We believe technology is everywhere. When a technology project needs to be global to succeed, establishing success in the US, and often in Silicon Valley, is a must. It’s never a question of being somewhere first and expanding, it’s about being everywhere from the get-go.

We want to invest into foreign startups with a strategic necessity to thrive in the US, and where being in Silicon Valley is a must.”

**What they want to invest in?**

We want to invest if key foreign co-founders (not all) are willing to relocate to Silicon Valley.

We want to invest in cross border startups

The original company stays in the country where it started, typically to run product development

The US becomes the center stage for business development and market strategy

Foreign founders already in the US are a potential target as well, and we will encourage starting implementing a cross border model.

Coming to the US to redefine and disrupt a market is a must. Trying to be better than competition is very complicated, being different is what works – Strong technology is what we are looking for.

We want to invest in a majority of strong technology projects.

We want to accelerate 100% foreign founders

**Submission & Selection Criteria**

Startup in the broader Digital field // Startups from South Africa and/or self-sufficient // Minimum of 2 co-founders including a technical co-founder // Founders hold 80-90% of the capital // Real desire/capacity to enter the USA market // Appropriate timing (markets, competition) // Founders with real affinity for the purpose of their Startup // Entrepreneurial and managerial experience // Market size of at least $1 billion // First prototype created // Tech barrier to entry or a “secret sauce” // Capacity for TR to supply a real added value // A well-managed “burn rate” // Good and amiable people, common values


About The Refiners

Founded by entrepreneurs The Refiners is a San Francisco-based accelerator devoted to helping foreign startups thrive in the bountiful yet complicated environment of Silicon Valley. We are passionate about the needs of foreign startups, and believe they are different enough to warrant a program specifically for them. Over a three-month period, you will receive unparalleled access to funding, networking and mentorship opportunities in Silicon Valley. The Refiners’ aim is to equip you with the tools necessary to expand your startup’s vision and scale globally. We are committed to providing you with unparalleled support, guidance and expertise.


Corporates' Pitch

All 3 startups will get the chance to pitch in front the corporates & big companies at the event.

They come from all over Africa & Europe!

Investors' Pitch

All 3 startups will get the chance to pitch in front the investors at the event.

Investors/VC’s from all over Africa, Europe and the USA will attend at the event.

Give your startups a financial boost to break the market.


You get a premium access to the final selection of one of the finest incubation/acceleration program of the Silicon Valley – The Refiners, with program valued up to $25,000 and  possible investment for up to $100,0000.

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Selection Criteria

Submission Rules

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Required Format

Short video with 2 topics: Startup presentation / How do you solve the problem? (mpg, mpeg, mp4, mov) – You can also share us a “Wetransfer” link or a Youtube video

Deck pitch: 8 slides max (ppt, pdf)

Date & Time

Last day of submission: Sunday 15th of October 2017 – 12 midnight

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