Camille Agon

Camille Agon

Co-founder & Managing Director at We Think Code

Camille Agon is French, she studied at Sciences Po Paris and in Tufts University, known for its programs dedicated to educate new leaders for a changing world.

In January 2015, she created WeThinkCode in Joburg, a tuition-free, peer-to-peer, industry-led and technology-based programming academy, on the Ecole 42 model, founded by Xavier Niel in Paris.

Free for the students, funded by firms, foundations and individual sponsors, WeThinkCode is a non-profit social enterprise with a mission to train 100,000 coders. They believe that Africa’s fast growing untapped youth population has the potential to meet the increasing demand for IT skills globally.

With no teachers, no books and no lectures, WeThinkCode trains Africa’s brightest minds to become world-class developers in 2 years in a learn-by-doing and peer-to-peer learning approach. To find solutions, students have to cooperate, pool resources, and gather information from the Internet. Promoting the virtues of creative thinking, problem solving and collaboration.