Sibella Knott-Craig

Sibella Knott-Craig

Sibella is a chartered accountant, an entrepreneur and a mother of three young children. She co-founded a venture called Tribage App Studio in 2014 to support ‘Healthy Technology’ through building early learning, mobile applications for young children in local African languages.

Tribage has created one of the largest collection of informal educational apps in Africa, called Xander. To date there are 52 apps, in eight local languages. Not only does healthy technology offers young children an opportunity to engage with technology while learning new skills, but also preserves cultural heritage and builds self-confidence, leading to a better, brighter future.

Before exchanging the security of corporate for a risky tech start-up, Sibella worked in various positions in New York, Johannesburg, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Cape Town at global companies including Deloitte and Siemens.

She grew up in a bilingual home and believes this led to many of her opportunities as well as her deep appreciation for cultural heritage. After becoming a mother, she started searching for educational apps for her own children, but found that apps in Afrikaans and other African languages were in short supply. So, she got started on creating some local material.

Sibella was long-listed as an USB Social Innovation Finalist in 2016, nominated for Inspiring Fifty in Africa, and is a TechStar Mentor.

Xander apps have exceeded 600,000+ downloads
Winner: Silicon Beach App Awards, Best Kids App 2015
Finalist: AppsAfrica Innovation Award Finalist (Education category)
Runner up: Facebook Africa Innovation Challenge 2016 Recommended by Academics Choice Awards, Educational App Store, and Fundamentally Children.

Favourite quotes:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” Henry Ford “You become what you give attention to.” Epictetus
“The only way to do great work is to love the work you do.” Steve Jobs