Tool for coordination healthcare : The Doctor Smart tool for coordinating care is a secured web solution which simplifies collaborative work to coordinate multidisciplinary care. It can be integrated to any business logic, application or connected devices. Our solution allows health professionals to share Patients’ Files without the need to change the reporting system. The tool uses a base of generic modules; all modules are configurable to cover every type of care field and to adapt to the particular needs of each user.

Objective : Optimization of patient care and simplification of collaborative work.

Result:  A solution to accompany the evolution of professionals’ practices and decompartmentalise health and accompaniment sectors.

Scalable and flexible, Doctor Smart accompanies health networks, hospitals and all public or private health facilities, independent health professionals, care homes, Territorial platforms and several  implemented care programs. Doctor Smart also works in the implementation of general panning and devices and in the implementation of planning and devices for care plans.