AfricArena 2017

AfricArena 2017

An international African tech conference for exploring new global tech trends, discovering the best African innovators in the industry and unpacking the most disruptive trailblazers from across the world.

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WHAT is AfricArena?

AfricArena 2017 is a conference positioned as a bridge between international technology stalwarts and African technology innovators. The robust technological ecosystems of international players and the developing infrastructure of adaptable African groundbreakers are invited to meet and inspire each other.

The brainchild of Silicon Cape and La French Tech Cape Town, AfricArena 2017 was born so investors,venture capitalists, startups, entrepreneurs and all industry leaders could connect. While the conference provides an invaluable opportunity to learn and be inspired by the best, it’s the connections made between ideas-makers and financial gurus that’ll forge ongoing success throughout Africa.

AfricArena 2017 provides a platform on which new business opportunities can be explored and potential new markets unpacked.
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Why Africarena?

AfricArena 2017 presents the perfect opportunity for those from all corners of the global technology industry to showcase their ability to accelerate innovation throughout Africa.


AfricArena 2017 presents the perfect opportunity for those from all corners of the global technology industry to showcase their ability to accelerate innovation throughout Africa.


By joining us you can expect to connect directly with investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, startups, thought leaders and pioneers. You’re given the opportunity to collaborate with the cream of the crop in the tech sector. This is a platform on which to find new ventures, pitch ideas and win crowdfunding.


AfricArena 2017 boasts an expansive exhibition area where you can take advantage of ample exposure to a sophisticated audience of your peers, your future market and your competitors. By displaying your company and highlighting your competitive edge, you’re bound to attract investment and collaboration.


Investors and new startups can win with AfricArena. We’ve created investment sponsorship opportunities in the form of Challenges. Companies are invited to sponsor a challenge which calls on startups to create a solution to a problem identified within the sponsor company’s operation. Each challenge will pre-select three startups from the entries and they will take part in the Arena Battle during which they’ll pitch their solutions to the sponsor company.


WHO are you?

Are you an innovator with a stellar elevator pitch seeking funding? Are you a new business owner in the tech sector looking to network? Are you an investor championing foreign investment in Africa?

No matter who you are, AfricArena 2017 invites you to join us for two days as we spearhead change and transformation across the technology sector. We have six key areas of focus which we will dissect through our impressive group of speakers in our plenary sessions and break away focus groups. Below are our six key focal points. 



HOW to get involved?

We have a variety of different ticket packages to suit all our visitors. To find out which one will suit you best, please visit our tickets page. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about sponsorship opportunities or speaking at AfricArena 2017 please don’t hesitate to drop us a mail here.

If you are an incubator or accelerator and AfricArena 2017 sounds like a conference you want to attend, please mail us to arrange special packages and access to our event. You can contact us at



Challenges to Arena Battles

The Challenges are an opportunity for companies to sponsor a conference beyond a simple financial investment while benefiting from the expertise of start-ups that work on one of their challenges to solve a problem identified by the company. For each challenge, 3 preselected startups will be able to pitch their solution during an Arena Battle in front of the leading company of the challenge.




Investors Pitch

Go face to face with other Start-Ups and tech ideas from all over the world! The Arena Battle is the unique chance to showcase your Start-Up to the entire world, leading to create long term partnerships, collaborations and investments.







Century City
Conference Centre

No. 4 Energy Lane, Century City,
Cape Town, 7446


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